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Our Expertise

 We excel in a range of core services

  • Investment Facilitation

    • Investment opportunities across multiple domains.
    • Focus on maximizing returns on investments.
    • Comprehensive facilitation of the investment process
  • Mediation Expertise

    • Proficient in facilitating resolution between parties
    • In-depth knowledge of various industries
    • Proven track record of achieving effective mediation results
  • Brokerage Services

    • Efficiently linking buyers and sellers
    • Focus on transactions that benefit all parties
    • Proven expertise in facilitating successful deals

About Us


Based in Tunisia and Dubai, AlJawad Investment Inc. is a distinguished intermediary and investment firm that stands as a pillar in the global business landscape. We specialize in Investment Facilitation, Mediation, and Brokerage Services across various sectors.

Our strategic locations in Tunisia and Dubai enable us to tap into diverse markets, thereby offering a wide spectrum of opportunities to our clients. At the heart of our operations is a commitment to bridge gaps between parties for mutually beneficial transactions. We excel in connecting investors to profitable opportunities, mediating to ensure smooth transactions, and linking buyers and sellers through our expert brokerage services.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of market knowledge and industry expertise. We leverage this wealth of experience to provide our clients with innovative, customized solutions tailored to their unique needs.

At AlJawad Investment, we value integrity, professionalism, and reliability above all else. We are unwavering in our dedication to our clients, acting as a trusted partner in all their business endeavors. Whether you're an investor, a buyer, or a seller, AlJawad Investment is your reliable intermediary for successful business transactions, anchored firmly in the dynamic business hubs of Tunisia and Dubai.

We are an exclusive agency for a Chinese company that has wood factories in Africa. Our agency includes North African countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Mauritania) as well as Middle East countries (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan).

Al-Jawad Company is working on a project in Algeria that requires the construction of 4 luxury hotels, 6 towers, and a huge shopping center at a total cost of 316 million dollars. Al-Jawad Company’s mission is to bring in contracting companies to carry out this huge project, and work on the project is now suspended due to some logistical obstacles between the contracting companies, the investing company and the work. It is being resolved

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